Film Friday Essay

On Elaine May’s “Mikey and Nicky.”

The film begins with Nicky (John Cassavetes) in a hotel room, panicking. The room is airless, he’s sweating through his white shirt and he looks like he’s thrown-up half his stomach lining. He calls for his pal Mikey (Peter Falk) to help him out. The pair work for the mob, but Nicky has stolen from […]


A Dispatch from out west: The 2019 Glasgow Film Festival

Both the opening and closing films of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival can be described as “coming-of-age” films: Jonah Hill’s Mid90s, and Brian Welsh’s Beats; but it may be more accurate to label them films about being inducted into new social milieus. In the far superior Beats, this concerns entry into the put-upon Scottish rave-scene. […]